Why choose St. Luke the Evangelist?

Why Choose St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School?

From the first days of kindergarten through eighth grade graduation, St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School will prepare your child for the world through spiritual guidance, a superior education, and a caring, disciplined environment. St. Luke School will provide a unique Christian learning experience that will lay the foundation for our students to be successful and productive citizens. The integration of Catholic values throughout each day will help students develop both spiritually and academically.

Reasons for choosing St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School


Learning the Catholic faith and respecting each other will be reinforced every day. Students will participate in daily prayer and weekly liturgies. Gospel values and Christian morals will be integrated across the curriculum.

Academic Excellence

St. Luke School will focus on research-based practices that are highly effective for learning. Teachers will be trained in the latest teaching strategies to assure academic rigor in the classroom so students will be challenged at their level.

Safe, Nurturing Environment

St. Luke School will offer a family-oriented environment that is safe and welcoming. The learning environment will offer opportunities for students to thrive.

Exceptional Teachers

St. Luke School will be hiring quality teachers who are passionate about their vocation. All teachers will be licensed and endorsed by the State of Iowa.

Students Serve the Community

Students will develop a sense of service to others through participation in service projects that will instill values rooted in helping others and the community.


Technology will be a priority at St. Luke School as we will prepare students for a global economy. The instructional experience will be enhanced with educational software, interactive white boards, and other applications.

Parental Involvement

We believe parents are the primary educators of their children. Parents will be encouraged to be highly involved in their children’s educational experience by participating in a variety of opportunities.

Did You Know?

  • St. Luke the Evangelist will be the first Catholic elementary school in Ankeny.
  • The school will open in August 2015 for K-3rd grade students. Each year following, a new grade will be added until it serves K-8th grade students.
  • Students will plan and participate in weekly school liturgies.
  • Students will be given numerous opportunities for community service.
  • Before and after-school childcare will be available.
  • Students will build their faith by participating and planning Advent and Lenten programs.
  • A hot lunch program will be available.
  • Art, Music, PE, Guidance, and Technology will be part of the weekly curriculum.
  • St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School will be accredited by the state of Iowa.
  • All teachers will be licensed and endorsed by the state of Iowa in their subject areas.

Financial Assistance

A holistic learning experience that encompasses faith, academics, and service is a wonderful investment in a child’s future. Paying the full cost of tuition, however, can be a challenge for many families.

A variety of opportunities for financial assistance are available, including the Catholic Tuition Organization (CTO) and Project Hope (Help Our Parents Educate). Please contact us for more information.