Tuition and Fees

St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School

Tuition and Fee Schedule for the 2019-2020 school year

Tuition for registered, active, supporting members of St. Luke’s 2019-2020 School Year*

In Parish Rate: 1st Child $3,200
In Parish Rate: 2 Children $6,200
In Parish Rate: 3 Children $9,050
Non-Parish Rate: Please call the office for pricing

If the student is from another Catholic parish without a catholic school, the family will pay the “in parish” rate and their sponsoring parish will subsidize the remainder.

Registration Fee: $150 per student
Classroom Fee: $250 per student
FACTS Tuition Fee: $50 per family per year

*Tuition is evaluated annually

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to tithe to their Church and support the school development and fundraising activities as both the parish and school are investing in the Catholic education of your child. The cost for educating each student at St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic School for the 2019-2020 School year is approximately $8,055. The tuition of $3,200 partially covers the total expense. The school board, administration and finance council work diligently to keep expenses at a minimum. In order to meet the financial obligations of the parish it is imperative for families to stay current on their tithing contributions.

A tuition subsidy request will be sent to the home parish of the Student to cover the difference between tuition paid and the total cost of education ($8,055 per year per student), as per Diocesan Policy.

For non-Catholics, we ask that each family pay $6025.50 per student, and the Parishioners of St. Luke's will cover the remainder of the cost as part of our hospitality ministry.

Registration Fee

$150.00 per student
Due at time of registration.  Non-refundable unless the grade is full and student will not be enrolled.

Textbook and Technology Fee

$250.00 per student
This fee helps cover books, technology, artroom supplies, classroom supplies and other materials needed during the school year.

FACTS Tuition Service

$50.00 per family per year
All tuition and fees will be paid through FACTS Tuition, with the exception of the registration fee.