Sarah Riley

Ms. Riley

Ms. Riley

Top 5 things your kids will NEVER say about my class:

  1. All we did was sit in our seats.
  2. She told us translating words out of the dictionary was the most efficient way to learn Spanish.
  3. We never do any talking, we’re not even allowed to talk.
  4. She told us learning a foreign language really doesn’t have many benefits.
  5. She lectured the WHOLE time.

Learning a new language should be fun, exciting, and interesting!  But mostly…fun!   I fell in love with Spanish when I became fascinated with the rich cultures that speak the language.  Learning a second language plants a seed for better cross cultural understanding.  Some students may go on to further advance their Spanish skills as they get older.  Some students may choose a new language.  But my hope is that every student that leaves my class knows that they have the ability better understand a new culture, while honoring their own. 

My husband and I have 4 crazy, mischievous, creative boys (I wouldn’t have it any other way!) that keep us on our toes, and laughing, at all times.  Our oldest graduated last year and our youngest is 5, because of this, there’s not a lot that gets by me- I’ve just about seen it all…or so I think.  Our youngest 2 attend St. Anthony School with their Spanish Immersion program and were floored to learn that I am not the sole speaker of Spanish.  “Mom!  My teacher says the same words as you sometimes!”  “Yes, that’s because there’s other people, a lot of them actually, that speak Spanish.  I didn’t make it up.”  Our next oldest will be starting his first year in high school.  He can put almost anything together, can build a computer, and thought that the best instrument for marching band was….the baritone.  Our oldest is 19, has an amazing eye for photography and the ability to see beauty wherever he goes. 

I can tell you about my education and where I graduated from, but if you’re interested- pop in and see me on Tuesdays.  I’d love to meet you, and you can see what we’re really up to in our Spanish classroom!