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Little Ladies and Gentlemen Class

The Little Ladies and Gentlemen Class for St. Luke's was held February 20 - March 8, 2018. The boys and girls learned Social Etiquette (introductions; learning to listen); Showing and practicing Respect & Inclusion (feeling good about self and others, behaving well in public, honoring Mother and Dad); Good grooming (taking care of my toys and clothes); Thank you notes; and Table Manners (note the little bow ties and tiaras). 

Thank you to all the parents who enrolled their children.  

The Little Ladies and Gentlemen's Class will be held again (fall and spring) during the school year 2018-19. Watch this space for dates.

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New Student Registration

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A Prayer for increasing enrollment in Catholic schools

O Good and Gracious God,

We praise and thank you for the students in our school. It is a sacred privilege to continue the teaching mission of your Son, Jesus. We hear his words in our hearts: “Let the children come to me! Do not hinder them.”

Lord, we are doing everything we can so that no children are hindered from coming to our school! We advertise, we market; we strategize and plan. We pray and fast.  What more can we do, Lord?

Please listen to our prayers as we ask you, Lord, to remove whatever hinders parents from choosing a Catholic school for their children. Guide their thinking and their decisions. May our desire to form a partnership with them be a source of hope and encouragement. Bless our efforts to meet funding challenges so that we can fulfill our commitment to be a school for all.

Lord, we hold in prayer all the students you will send to our school. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with a future with promise and hope. Amen.

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