Prospective Families
Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why should I choose St. Luke’s over my local public school?

A school that has Christ at its center approaches all aspects of education differently. At St. Luke’s we recognize each child as a gift from God to be nurtured and encouraged to grow in faith and love. We seek to partner with parents in the important task of not only preparing our children for a successful future, but preparing them to enter the kingdom of heaven. Our small school gives each child space to find their strengths and our small class sizes ensure no child’s needs are overlooked. After completing their time at St. Luke’s, not only will our students be confident in their academic abilities, they will be steeped in the knowledge of God’s love and the beautiful traditions of the Catholic Church. It is difficult to quantify the benefits of a St. Luke’s education, but you can be assured that our students are a valued part of a loving school family.

+ How many students are enrolled at St. Luke Catholic School?

For the 2018-2019 school year, we have 164 students enrolled in grades K-6.

+ What grades are served?

The school opened in 2015 with grades K-3, with a grade being added each year until the school will be complete in 2020 with grades K-8. In the 2018-2019 school year, St. Luke’s will be K-6.

+ What school will St. Luke’s students attend after 8th grade?

Graduates from St. Luke’s will be well prepared to attend any school they choose. We anticipate that many St. Luke alums will attend Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines and many will attend their local public high school.

+ Is the school accredited and are the teachers licensed?

Yes. St. Luke’s School is accredited by the state of Iowa and all teachers are licensed and endorsed by the State of Iowa. All full-time staff are practicing Catholics in good standing with the Church.

+ How much is tuition?

Quality Catholic education is an investment, but one that will enrich the life of your child and your entire family. We work hard to keep tuition affordable and offer multi-child discounts. Current tuition rates are available on our website at: https://www.saintluketheevangelistschool.org/tuition-and-fees/

+ Is there financial aid?

Yes. Catholic Tuition Organization provides generous tuition assistance to qualifying families. Click here to learn more. https://ctodsmdiocese.org/ If your family income is too high to qualify for CTO aid, you may be eligible to receive a grant from the St. Luke’s Angels Fund.

+ Do you have art, music and other specials classes?

St. Luke’s has art, music, technology, Spanish, physical education, guidance and library.

+ Is there before and after school care?

Yes. For a fee, students can enroll in the wraparound care program. Before school care begins at 7:00am and after care ends at 5:30pm. Students in wraparound care enjoy homework assistance, planned activities and snacks. For students who attend a daycare center before and after school, numerous local centers provide transportation to and from St. Luke’s.

+ Is hot lunch available?

St. Luke’s has quality hot lunch prepared on-site daily with milk available. Our students give it rave reviews!

+ Does St. Luke’s provide bussing?

The school does not provide bussing. Families living more than 2 miles from the school qualify for reimbursement for their transportation expenses from the state.

+ Can I write off St. Luke’s tuition on my taxes?

Yes, you may deduct a portion of the tuition cost on your Iowa tax return. Speak with your tax professional for more information.

+ Do you accept non-Catholics?

At St. Luke’s we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Because we believe in the power of baptism for all believers, and because of shared belief in many key doctrines, students from all Christian faiths are welcome. Daily prayer, Weekly School Mass and Monthly adoration attendance are required, but the level of participation is determined by the student’s comfort level and standards set by the Catholic Church. Non-Christians are invited to meet with the Pastor and Principal to discuss how St. Luke’s could best meet the needs of non-Christian students.

+ Do you accept Catholics registered in other parishes?

We welcome families from many Catholic parishes. These families pay the in-parish tuition rate while their home parish subsidizes the rest of the cost of education.

+ Do students wear uniforms?

Yes. Our students are proud to look neat and ready to learn. White polo shirts and navy pants can be purchased at any store. Each student must have at least one green logo polo shirt, which can be purchased at www.donaldsuniform.com. Girls may wear plaid jumpers or skirts. The full dress code is available under the ‘Parents’ tab on our website.

+ How do I pay tuition?

All tuition, fees, lunch and field trip payments are made through FACTS tuition management service. After enrollment, you will receive information on how to set up your account with FACTS. Tuition payments can be made once annually, bi-annually or on a 12 month plan. Lunch and other incidentals are billed to your account.

+ What is the average class size?

For the 2017-2018 school year, our average classroom is 15 students and our average grade is 20 students. Our class size is capped at 24 students.

+ Do you have special education?

Please contact our principal to inquire about your specific child’s needs and if they can be addressed at St. Luke’s. The school can accommodate 504 plans, some Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and has speech therapy available on campus.

+ What are the school’s plans for growth?

St. Luke’s is excited to announce our plans to expand! The plans include 10 new classrooms plus additional office space and parking expected to open in 2020.

+ Do you have 1st communion preparation?

Second graders, and older students who have not received the sacrament, are guided through 1st reconciliation and prepared for 1st communion.

+ Are there extra-curricular activities?

After school clubs are available, including chess club. 5th grade and older may participate in Band. We are happy to offer sports through the Catholic Athletic League that serves all Catholic schools in the Des Moines area.

+ How is religion incorporated into the school day?

Religion class is taught daily in all grades. School Mass is on Fridays and Holy Days of Obligation, Adoration is monthly, Rosary is weekly in October, Stations of the Cross during Lent, and grades 2nd and up celebrate Reconciliation multiple times per year. In addition, we begin and end each day with prayer, as well as praying during lunch and any other time it is appropriate. Our behavior expectations also include striving to be Christ-like in how we conduct ourselves at St. Luke’s.

+ What are the school hours?

Regular school days begin at 8:15am and end at 3:15pm.

+ Do you have fundraisers?

Thanks to a generous and supportive school community, our fundraisers are not only successful in providing for the school, but they are a lot of fun! In September we hold our Green Par-Tee golf outing, the annual Green Gala is a formal event held each February. The Bike-Walk-Run is in May and includes family friendly outdoor activities. We also participate in SCRIP and Box Tops for Education.

+ How can parents get involved?

St. Luke’s school depends upon the active involvement of our parents. Once your child is enrolled, you are automatically a member of the Family School Association, which meets monthly to plan ways to support our school. Parent volunteers are also necessary to help in the lunchroom, the classrooms, as homeroom parents and to coordinate our fundraisers. There are many ways to get involved that can matched to your talents and availability.

+ How can I find out more about St. Luke’s School?

Explore our website, check out our Facebook page, and call our office to schedule a tour. Our staff would be happy to show you our school and tell you why St. Luke’s will make a positive difference in the life of your child!